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Investment Management Services

Parker Financial Planning also provides fee-based investment management services. Our approach provides you with a diversified, professionally managed investment portfolio with access to low-cost investments and simplified recordkeeping, performance, and tax reporting.

The first and most important step in developing a client’s investment portfolio is to determine the overall asset allocation among different classes of cash, fixed income, and equity investments. This asset allocation is based on a client’s individual risk tolerance, tax position, time frame, and other parameters. This approach is used extensively by large pension funds and other professionally managed institutional funds.

After the overall allocation is determined, individual investments are selected for the different asset classes primarily using mutual funds. Screening and selection criteria include past performance, risk-adjusted performance, manager tenure, expenses, and tax-efficiency.

Portfolio performance is monitored quarterly, with occasional changes to rebalance the overall portfolio, or to change an investment manager if warranted. Parker Financial Planning generally has a "buy and hold" approach, and does not engage in market timing, which can hurt performance.

Parker Financial Planning does not take custody of a client’s accounts. Instead, PFP will assist the client in opening an account at a discount brokerage. This has the advantage of very low or no cost access to mutual funds and individual securities, and simplified accounting and tax record keeping.
We generally have a $500,000 minimum to establish investment management accounts.

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