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Parker Financial Planning


Have you ever wondered:

  • Should I pre-pay my mortgage?
  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Should my life insurance be owned by a trust?
  • Are my investments performing well?
  • Does long-term care insurance make sense for me?
  • Do I have the right beneficiaries for my IRA and 401(k) accounts?
  • Should I have a Roth IRA or a regular IRA?

Personal financial decisions have become more complex than ever. At the same time, responsibility for our financial futures has increasingly shifted from government and employers to the individual. And financial mistakes can be very costly.

Parker Financial Planning, LLC was established to assist individuals with their personal financial planning and investment decisions. Parker Financial Planning analyzes a client’s overall situation and formulates concrete recommendations based on individual goals and priorities, current and future resources, and personal constraints.
Comprehensive Planning
At Parker Financial Planning, we normally engage in comprehensive financial planning. This is a process that looks at all relevant areas of the client's situation and develops a course of action to help the client reach their personal goals. A comprehensive plan may include a review of assets, liabilities, and net worth, budgeting and cash flow, insurance and protection planning, tax planning, investing for specific goals such as education, retirement planning, charitable gifting, and estate planning.
In some cases, a client may have a more focused planning need.

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning evaluates whether you are on track to achieve or maintain financial independence. It can also review retirement assets such as IRA’s and 401(k) plans and analyze the various alternatives available for their distribution, including preserving tax-deferred status for a second generation.

Investment planning
Parker Financial Planning can review and provide recommendations on your current investment portfolio from a performance, asset allocation, and cost perspective.


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